T. Stroh and Deluge would like to thank everyone who attended the Scope Radio Fundraiser

22 Jan

Thanks go out to everyone we saw and hung out with at the Morseland Saturday night. Thanks to everyone who attended for making it a very fun and successful night. It’s always fun to go to a hip-hop show and know damn near everybody there, remind us of old times. We thank you for supporting the local scene and we hope you enjoyed the concert.

Many thanks also goes out to all the groups who not only performed at but also promoted for the show. Black Collar, Matlock, The Micslingers, PtobC, Big Swift, Shorty and Southkid. and a big thanks to DJ Uncle El for holdin the spot down all night on the 1’s and 2’s, big ups to everyone.

Remember to Check us out Live on air Tuesday nights @ 10pm CT on 89.3 in Chicago and Streaming live online at

T. Stroh and Deluge

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