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Scope Radio is broadcast every Tuesday night from 10pm-12am CT from Northwestern University’s WNUR 89.3FM. Hosted by DJ Deluge, Wes Restless and T. Stroh, the show focuses on underground and independent hiphop music, as well as discussion of politics and urban issues.

Deluge, Wes & T. Stroh bring over 18 years of combined radio experience to The Scope every Tuesday night.

Listeners can tune in live online at

Calls & requests can be made to 847-866-WNUR, or AOL IM: WNURdj

The station broadcasts from the campus of Northwestern University at 7,200 watts, reaching nearly the entire city of Chicago, Evanston, and the Northern suburbs. WNUR-FM has the second strongest broadcast signal college radio station in the country. WNUR’s broadcast signal actually reaches farther than such Chicago commercial stations as WGCI (3,700 watts) and Q101 (5,700 watts).

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About the hosts:

DJ Deluge:

Deluge has over 11 years of radio experience on WNUR-FM, as host of such shows as “Under and Beyond”, “Above Ground Radio”, and “Forefront Hip-Hop”. Deluge has become a staple of the independent hiphop scene in Chicago, hosting dozens of shows at venues such as The Abbey Pub, Metro, Morseland, Subterranean, The Note & more. During his time on WNUR, Deluge has logged noteworthy interviews with such artists as KRS-One, Zion-I, E.C Illa, and Little Brother to name just a few. Deluge has often been known to use the microphone at WNUR as an outlet for political change, though sometimes with a braisened and radical viewpoint, his voice comes across loud and clear helping to spark powerful resonance and providing a voice throughout the inner city and struggling neighborhoods with people who listen throughout the world.

T. Stroh

T. Stroh has a long history in the Chicago music scene and underground hiphop as a journalist, radio show host, label-owner, DJ, and show promoter. T. Stroh started out as an apprentice on WNUR’s “Six Feet Unda” show with Vaughn C, Eric the Tin Man & DJ 3rd Rail in 1997 as a ETHS high-school junior. Shortly after learning the ropes from Vaughn C, T. Stroh started to host his own program, “Diggin’ In the Crates” on WNUR-FM. The show had various time slots, but the most notable was the hour before “Six Feet Unda” aired on Sunday nights. During high school, T. Stroh was also the DJ for the group Slaughter House V (which also included the Chicago MC Lord 360) under the name DJ Maestro. During college, T. Stroh wrote reviews and conducted interviews for and Rebirth Magazine. He was also a staff writer for the nationally-distributed Elemental Magazine, where he interviewed such artists as Big Boi (Outkast), Xzibit, Cage, Ice Cube & more. In 2003, T. Stroh started his own independent record label, Gravel Records, with the first release “The Chicago Project” compilation. By 2011, Gravel has put out more than 18 releases, including albums by Matlock, Verbal Kent, Earatik Statik, Pugs Atomz, Giraffe Nuts and Alltruisms, and projects featuring Pete Rock, Sean Price, RA the Rugged Man, DJ Babu, Ill Bill, Sadat X, EDoG, Wordsworth, Pacewon & more. T. Stroh brings over seven years of radio experience to The Scope.

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Wes Restless

Wes is one of the busiest members of the Chicago hiphop scene. As an MC, singer, studio engineer and radio show host, Wes can be seen and heard all over the city. Wes is a member of several groups, including The Gent$ (w/Pugs Atomz & Ill Legit), The Ill & The Restless (w/Ill Legit), Dynamic Vibrations and The Jordan Years. Check out for more info on Wes.

Visit the Wes Restless site at

Attention Labels & artists:

Please email for mailing address information for CDs & vinyl. Clean & dirty mp3 tracks also accepted at this address for airplay consideration.


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