Music Submissions

Most hip-hop will be considered for airplay on The Scope, however, we ask that you follow these guidelines when sending music.

1. Your chances of airplay are reduced drastically when the quality of your music is bad or not mastered. Please have your music mastered and/or sounding CD quality before sending it to Scope Radio

2. Blank CDR’s with no info or cover with no info “will not” be listened to. Please send your CD with a tracklisting and one sheet with artist info when sending music to Scope Radio

3. Mp3’s and digital formats are fine, however we do not use sendspace, or mediafire or any other file uploading service. Please send mp3’s embedded in your emails to our email address at so that we can download your music directly.

4. If you have ever listened to Scope Radio before you know that our format is independent, generally conscious hip-hop and politics. We like to stick to that script. If your music follows trends and sounds like everyone else, it is highly unlikely that you will get airplay on Scope Radio. However, if you are truly independent, have good sounding music, and are on point with the realm of Scope Radio, you will be considered for airplay and if we like it enough, rotation.

6. Although not a requirement, censored/clean music is preferred. Scope Radio runs from 10pm-12am CT We can play unedited music only between 11:30pm-12am. Sending in clean versions helps us, and can help you to get earlier airplay as well.

Send all packages to:

WNUR 89.3 FM

Attn: Scope Radio

1877 Campus Drive
Evanston, IL 60208


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