Music Videos

Music Videos:

Demigodz – “Worst Nightmare” (NEW)

Dark Time Sunshine “Never Cry Wolf” (NEW)

Aesop Rock “Zero Dark Thirty”

Eligh & Amp Live “Tattoo Song”

Brother Ali ft Nikki Jean “Shine On”

Classified f Brother Ali “Maybe It’s Just Me”

Distant Relatives “Death to a Taxi”

Ruste Juxx & Kyo Itachi ft. RA The Rugged Man “No Prints”

Zeek & Japan (of Vertual Vertigo) “Bounce”

Big Quarters “C’mon

Pharcyde “Drop” 

Big Quarters “Good Lookin” (JUST ADDED)

Qwazaar & Batsauce “I Know” (NEW)

Hail Mary Mallon “Garfield” (NEW)

RA the Rugged Man “Uncommon Valor” (JUST ADDED)

Alltruisms “Nine Digit Number” (JUST ADDED)

Matlock “Moonshine” (JUST ADDED)

Verbal Kent “War”

Sick Jacken “Land of Shadows” (Brandon Allday Remix)

Elevation (DJ Uncle EL) “The Return” 

Matlock “God Versus Money” 

Raekwon “Shaolin Vs Wu-Tang” Directed by Konee Rok

Akua Naru – “The World Is Listening”

Ill Legit ft. Wes Restless- “Too Familiar”

Blueprint – “Radio-inactive”

Matlock –  “Bright Sunny Day”

Saigon – “It’s Cold”

Skyzoo & Illmind- Speakers On Blast

Matlock- Brand New Nikes

Earatik Statik- No Problems

Murs ft. Sick Jacken- The Problem Is

Blaq Poet- Ain’t Nuttin’ Changed

Rustee Juxx & Marco Polo

Verbal Kent- Now

Verbal Kent- Take

Rah Digga- This Aint No Lil Kid Rap

Wes Restless & Ill Legit- Pipe Dreams

Cojack feat. Wes Restless- Work

Blaq Poet ft. Vinnie Paz and Lateb – Bushmaster Music

Scope Radio Videos:

Behind the Scenes Tour of Scope Radio at WNUR-FM studios:

Just Jay & Buddy Lee/Vertual Vertigo freestyling live on Scope Radio 4/26/11

Ezekiel 38 of Vertual Vertigo live on Scope Radio 4/26/11:

DJ Shadow interview on Scope Radio (podcast) 10/04/11:


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